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Love it!

Just Love it! 24

For those who loves 24

it's a good game!!!

Keeps Your Sharp

If you like math games, choose this one. It's simple to use and gets you to apply your brain. Win-win!

It was FREE

Such a nice FREE GAME!


This app should have levels like the actual 24 game otherwise it's boring I'm in a 24 competition and it's hard playing this game with no levels and points thing like the real game. I'm trying to practice with this game but it's hard!!!!😡😠

Fantastic App

Great way to keep your brain active. Kids bought the app first, but now everyone in the house uses it.


I found about the game in math olympics when my teacher put in the screen and I was a pro😇. You should check out the game it really fun. ✌️

grear game for my 9 year old and me.

Great game for my daughters and me.

good game!

Easy to play, competitive, and massive problem base.


Some I can't get, and some of the solutions for the ones I can't get make no sense


Like it!

good start

Looks like a high school kid made the game.


Great game!

Ew math

Ew math

Great game to kill some time and use your brain

Great game to kill some time and use your brain.

Terrible Game

This was one of my favorite childhood games but this app makes it terrible to play. The buttons don't work!!

This stinks

This game will not load it was downloaded 2 years ago! :-•

Doesn't seem to work

After the tutorial the game is completely unresponsive.

New update ;(

Before the latest update, my sister and I loved this game and could play it all afternoon. The update makes the game much worse. It is slow to respond, oftentimes not working at all. The game freezes all the time. Furthermore, the new design is not well thought out. When playing the game there is no way to get back to the main menu. Please change it!


It's just like the boxed game that I have used at school. The time limit options make it exciting. There's always a solution for the problems that are given. yay!

The 24 Game

This is a great app.

Awsome game

6000 people use this game to play and learn

Very good.



Really helps me practice problem solving and is very fun!

Great practice!

Exelent practice for math if you're not that good on math!Very fun and challenging to.

24 Game

This game is great for exercising and sharpening the mind.

24 game

A great way to help children decide strategies!!

Awesome game!

This app is great for math practice, it will make you faster! In general it's just fun and sometimes difficult. I suggest all math lovers give it a try!


I like how there are different numbers to get to. It's a classic that I love playing. Kind of wish that there was an untimed version. Also that there was a solution or something to it. Other than that challenging but fun.

All well until...

Some combinations cannot be solved!!!!!! Hugely frustrating. And perhaps when the timer runs up the solution could be illustrated.


Sometimes includes number combinations that cannot reach the target number.... For example when set to go for 24, I got 1,7,7,8. No solution.


This game is so fun! I love it and so do my 200 children! Whoever made this game is a saint (but I am the almighty god of annoyance). -Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison

So fun!!!!

This game is so fun!! 😄😃😀


This is the best thing since Angry Birds and Temple Run!!!!!! So obsessed and makes you suuuupppppeeerrrrr smart!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃


This app is so fun. When I get a chance, I play it. Keep making more apps!

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